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Get Involved

For Volunteers

For the Project Donations :

Project Name          
Cheque in favour of
Youth for Governance
PCGT A/c B.G.Deshmukh Memorial Fund


Corruption Hatayenge

Right To Information


PCGT A/c B.G.Deshmukh Memorial Fund         


Kuchh Aur
Public Concern for Governance Trust


General Corpus Fund
Corpus Donation - Rs 100,000 and above
" l Bless You "      - Rs.  25,000 and above
" l Support You "  - Rs.  10,000 and above



Public Concern for Governance Trust        
Annual support ;
Admission fees        - Rs. 200
Annual subscription - Rs. 300
Public Concern for Governance Trust


(Please note that donations to 'Public Concern for Governance Trust' qualify for deduction u/s. 80G(5) (VI) of the Income Tax Act, 1961)

Cheque to be sent to :
Address : Public Concern for Governance Trust (PCGT) B/2, Mahalaxmi Chambers, 22, Bhulabhai Desai Road, Mumbai - 400026 Tel.: (022) 23526426, Email: publicconcern@gmail.com


Recent political trends in the country have clearly shown that the people, particularly the youth, are disgusted with the level of corruption prevailing in the society at all levels and in all spheres of life. Youth must come out strongly against such corruption which is destroying our moral fabric and weakening our moral fiber. To begin with youth must understand what are the means available to them to stand up against corruption and oppose it. The PCGTs 'Kuch Aur' programme targets school children so that they inculcate proper values and learn to detest wrong doing including corruption while the "Youth for Governance"programme targets college students to stand up for their rights.