Corruption Hatayenge

Corruption is a cancer affecting our nation’s political, economic and social life.

There is unanimity of opinion that corruption at the higher levels of governance is detrimental to national development, while at lower level it affects the most marginalized sections of society.

It can be fought effectively by a strong, credible, effective and independent anti-corruption mechanism.

Under this initiative PCGT tries to

Act as a watchdog which can agitate, build public opinion, litigate and guard against undue political interference in the statutory functioning of the public servants in the State of Maharashtra.
Protect and insulate from adverse consequences honest public servants who perform their lawful duties without fear or favour, ill-will or affection.
Nudge the government to weed out in time the incompetent, dishonest and morally weak public servants.
Take action against those who, without sufficient reason, delay / deny proposal for and / or grant of sanctions to prosecute all those public servants who on investigation have been found prima facie criminally compliant.
Conclude departmental enquiries against corrupt public servants well in time.
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