Youth For Governance

In 2012 PCGT initiated the Youth for Governance program to provide a platform to young students who will be our future policymakers. The predominant features of the program are transparency, responsiveness, efficiency, accountability and rule of law.

PCGT believes a well educated and engaged youth with information about good governance practices, ethical values of honesty and integrity, creates a citizen who can engage on any platform to actively get involved with the government to enhance the spirit of governance.

Mentor youth in ethical values with an emphasis on good governance, transparency, and accountability.

In relation to the above objectives PCGT organizes

RTI/RTS sessions to educate students, who, in turn, are inspired to take the message to communities they live in.
Sessions on Gender Sensitization in collaboration with Mumbai Police.
Dialogues with eminent professionals from different fields emphasizing the need for professional ethics to serve society with honesty and integrity.
Citizen Policing Programme (CPP) & Good Governance Campaign such as Road Safety Campaign
Sexual Harassment, eve-teasing and emerging social concerns of the contemporary world.
Co-ordination with the Mumbai Police to enforce the POCSO Act and other laws that protect women and children from Sexual Predators.

My faith is in the younger generation, the modern generation, out of them will come my workers. They will work out the whole problem, like lions

Swami Vivekananda, Social reformer and Hindu philosopher

Leadership Programmes

As Nelson Mandela has said “The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow”, we at YFG try to remove the youth from the bubble of apathy and inspire them to challenge the status quo as we know that such conflict is going to be the genesis of Creation. Thus we in YFG try to democratize leadership and help this young generation take ownership in identifying and solving problems and thus become an active citizen of this country.

Mr. Jawhar Sircar

Dr. Rashmi Oza

Campus Ambassadors

In its vision and mission, PCGT launched the Campus Ambassadors Programme in July 2019 to involve young college-going students in Mumbai and Pune in projects related to good governance and hone their leadership skills. The Campus Ambassadors play a crucial role in promoting PCGT’s mission and vision in their respective institutions and serve as a strategic link between PCGT and their institution.

Each Campus Ambassador is required to organize events for PCGT such as dialogues, workshops, conferences and seminars etc. at his/her college. Minimum two such events are compulsory during the 12-month programme. The Campus Ambassadors are free to suggest relevant themes, topics as well as speakers for such events based on institutional and student body requirements and in sync with the mission statement of PCGT.

Some dialogues conducted include a session on “RTI and the Indian Constitution” delivered by Dr. Rashmi M. Oza, who highlighted the constitutional relevance of freedom of information in a democracy and the session on “Unity in Diversity” delivered by Mr. Jawhar Sircar at PCGT Conclave.

PCGT National Youth Parliament (NYP)

The NYP serves as an ideal platform for students to understand the legislative process and functioning of the Parliament as well as to analyze and further research upon the issues that are current and relevant from a socio-legal perspective. It gives them a chance to put forth their views on various issues concerning the country.

Hon'ble Mr. Justice A.P. Shah, Chief Guest


The program encourages the youth to engage with public issues, understand the common man’s point of views, form their opinions and express them in an articulate manner. It also helps them to develop and enhance decision making abilities and a respect and tolerance for the views of others.

Cyber Watch

Cyber Watch acts as a guide for staying safe on the Internet. The e-book aims to educate and safeguard common man’s experience over the Internet. From covering the aspects of cyber abuse on social media platforms to online shopping frauds and everything in between, the objective is to be safe in the digital sphere.

It was written under the guidance of Mr. Nandkumar Saravade (IPS. Retd., Former CEO Rebit) and was inaugurated by Former DGP Maharashtra D Sivandhan and DCP Mumbai Rashmi Karandikar on December 28, 2021.